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From humble beginnings as a PA on a show, Kristy Cato knows exactly what hard work and dedication will get you as she was later promoted to Field Coordinator on an award winning television show. Unfortunately, due to economic hardship and the recession, budget cuts would end Kristy’s job.

Every day Kristy would wake up, make her coffee and then sit down in front of her computer in search of a new job. “Day after Day” this became her routine and to no avail. As time went by the process was most frustrating and she became very discouraged. This stirred unwanted emotions that she tried to tuck away through her work. ​

It was one morning that she turned on her computer in search for that new job she so desperately wanted and needed. She somehow opened her word program and began to write. “It was crazy, how this story just poured out of me” says Kristy.

Although, “The Dance My First Love” is “Fiction” everyone knows there is some truth to most stories. As she wrote, emotion poured out of her. Taking her back to when she was a little girl, until the memories of the heartbreak of her first Love became fresh. She dedicated The Dance: My First Love to her first love. Although, her first love may never read it or even know about it. Kristy Cato says “It was amazing facing my fears and pain after all of these years”. As most of us know, there is nothing like your first true love. Miss Cato encourages those who have never experienced that first true love to embrace it when it happens and not take it for granted.

Kristy Cato resides in California where she was born and raised.

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