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                                         Book 2
                          The Dance Series
           After The Dance, Kim's Story

Kim’s Story For those of you who have read “The Dance My First Love” and if you are anything like me, then you have missed the characters that I brought to life. Although my stories are fiction, I took a lot of them from my life and others lives around me mixed in with some fantasy. The stories are very real to me and I hope you are taken away for the time being. I felt that there was so much more to tell about Kim’s life in “After the Dance.” (If you will!) This is the second in a book series and I hope this will keep you laughing, smiling, and bring back some of those tears that you had during the first book. I am hoping this book will show that “Family” is very important and instead of tearing each other down we all need to stick together. Also children are a blessing and not a mistake, we should show and teach them that Love is love and there is never anything wrong with love. So here it is, along with a few Characters from “The Dance My First Love” and some new ones. I am hoping you will love it as much as you all loved “The Dance My First Love” Thank you all for your support and remember were all human and all should have human rights Vote No on Prop 8! We’re all family, let’s stick together

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