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                                                                                    My New Neighbor




I had just moved to my new place in Seattle.

With my new job and moving to a new state, I was a little excited about everything. A week had gone by and I still hadn’t met any of my neighbor’s, well that was until I went to check my mail one day.

After checking my mailbox I walked over to the pool where I saw this beautiful voluptuous woman laying out reading a magazine. She was sexy and I couldn’t stop myself from staring. I hadn’t had a girlfriend or even been with a woman in 5 years. I could feel myself getting wet between my legs just watching her. Then she looked up at me and said “Hello”

I cleared my throat took my eyes off of her sexy breast inside that sexy bathing suit she had on and said.


“Hello I’m Erica, you're new here, welcome to the neighborhood.” She said to me with her big sexy lips.

I smiled at her. “I am Sondra, but my friends call me Sonny, it’s nice to meet you Erica.”

She smiled really big and said, “Nice to meet you too so, where did you come from Sonny I mean, where did you move from?"

“I moved here from North Carolina, I just started a job out her as a writer on a TV show. “

“Oh really, anything I may have watched?”

“No, we just started shooting the pilot this week.” I said trying to keep my eyes off of her breast.

“So are you married Sonny, I can call you Sonny right?”

“With a smile like that you can call me whatever you would like.” She smiled again. But no, I am not married, I guess I just haven’t met the right woman to settle me down and make an honest woman of me.”

“I guess I was right, you are a lesbian, and I would guess you are what they call a soft butch, am I right Sonny?”

“Well Erica, I don’t really like labels, but I guess one would call me a soft butch. So what about you Erica are you married, or is there someone special in your life?”

“Sonny, are you flirting with me?”

“Let’s just say enquiring minds would like to know.”

She smiled and said, “You’ll just have to wait and see."

“Oh yeah, and how will I find out?”

She winked at me then went back to reading her magazine. I walk off, but look back to see if she was watching me and sure enough she was. Its’ funny to me how women tease each other, but it can also be so hot..

Two days later I had just gotten home from work when I heard a knock at my door.

When I looked through the peephole it was Sexy Erica’s eyes looking back at me. Quickly I opened the door with nothing but a robe on I had just gotten out of the shower.

She was standing there with a big smile on her face and also a plate of food damn, she’s sexy I love a woman with curves and she really had them and some.

“Hello sonny, I notice that you have been working really late so I thought I would bring you over a home cooked meal.”

“This is very nice of you Erica how can I ever repay you?”

“It’s no big deal I just wanted to make sure that you were eating well.”

“Erica you have to let me make it up to you, and since I can’t cook how about I take you out to dinner Friday night, that is if you’re available?”

“It a shame you can’t cook and you have no one to cook for you, but we may be able to change that in time, shall we say eight Sonny?”  

I was happy to hear her say that, I smiled and said   “I will be at your door at 7:59.” She smiled then handed me the plate of food and said good night then turned and walked towards her place. I stood there watching her walk until she walked inside her door and closed it. All I could think is damn I want some of that. After I ate the steak, mash potatoes, along with a side of corn, Green beans and the home made piece of red velvet cake. An hour later I laid in bed thinking about how sexy Erica is. Lying there thinking about her voluptuous body I felt my hand began to slide between my legs. As I massaged my clit I thought about sucking on Erica’s Nipples. I could only imagine them being big and just enough for me to suck and lick on making her moan while I made her body tingle. I Imagine strapping up and riding her doggie style until I hit her G-Spot...

I wanted to hear her in my ears Cumming and losing control of her body. My clit was throbbing thinking about her I began to cum thinking about all of this. I knew I was going to have to have this woman.

Friday came and I couldn’t wait to get off work and see Erica. When I got home I showered then put on my best and headed to her place.

I knocked and when she opens the door, she is standing there in her tights, along with a very sexy blouse and some six inch heels. I stood there biting my bottom lip and creaming in my pants. I was strapped up with the hopes of a good night.

She looks at me and without saying a word she grabs me by the collar and pulls me into her place. I push her against the wall then passionately kiss her; I could tell she wanted it just as much I did. I slip my hand down her tights and feel her warmth, her panties were soaking wet. I played with her wet swollen clit and she jumped every time I hit her spot.

I then pulled out my strap and eased it in her, she grabbed my ass tight and I began to pump in and out of her against the wall.....

I could hear her breathing in my ear as if she was loving it. I took her over to the couch and bent her over doggie style the way I had imagined it two nights before. My clit was once again throbbing as I pumped in and out of her, I was doing my best not to cum yet, I wanted to leave her wanting more. I could hear her whispering my name as she took in all 8 inches I was giving her. Next I turned her around as she lay back on the couch, I had to taste her. First I teased her by licking around her swollen clits making her beg for it.

“Please Sonny let me feel your tongue on my clit, devour it please just make it yours.” With that said I rapped my lips around her clit and sucked while my tongue played with it.

She began to get loud and then grabbed the back of my head. She lifted her ass up in the air and rode my mouth as if it was the ride of her life.

Her words were turning me on. “Oh yes Sonny, oh that’s so good, yes Sonny just like that. She was getting louder and louder. Yes, Yes, YES, SONNY!!!!!!!!!!

As all of her juices ran between her legs I knew she had cum. She releases the back of my head and pulled me up on top her then began to kiss me as if she wanted more.

As we laid there kissing oh so passionately, she opened her legs, so I slipped all 8 inches back inside of her very slow. Again she grabbed my ass, but this time she was doing all of the pumping. She was moaning and saying “I want you to cum with me this time Sonny please!”

I could feel my clit throbbing again wanting to cum. I began to pump with Erica. Breathing hard I knew I was close I began sucking on one of her nipples as I heard her whisper please don’t stop I want this, I need this...

Our bodies began to explode together as we called out each other’s name. My body shook and she jerked as we felt the pleasures that our bodies were giving each other.

Erica and I never made it to dinner that night, but I did get to eat all night.

The End

Written By

Kristy Cato

Country Girl Making Of Stud

Chapter 1

Written By

Kristy Cato


 I was lying in the tall grass looking up at the sky wondering if I’m doing the right thing. There is something bugging me, but I cannot put my finger on it.

 Tomorrow I’m getting married and moving to a very big city, but not just any big city, I’m moving to New York City. I can’t believe after all these years of growing up in the country I’m moving so far away to a big city.

 To me there is nowhere like the fresh air of the country. I love it here and now I have to move away as if I’m being punished for something. I mean yes I’m happy for Travis and his new job, but why does it have to be so far away and in a big city?

 I can hear my mother calling out to me from the porch, but I’m ignoring her because this will be my last time I will be able to enjoy this for a very long time.

 After an hour, I walk thru the tall grass, pass the cows and head into the barn to see my horse Honey. I stop to pet her knowing soon I will have to say goodbye.

 I really don’t want to leave, but when Travis ask for my hand in marriage, I felt like I was on the spot because he did it in front of his family and I didn’t want to embarrass him. Plus when I told my mother that I wasn’t in love with him she said it was the right thing to do so, here I am getting married to a man I’m not in love with because I’m told it’s the right thing to do.

 When I walk through the door my mother yell’s “Antoinette where have you been didn’t you hear me calling you?” She begins to wipe my back off and says, “You’re such a tomboy.”

 I quickly move away from her and say, “Stop mom and call me Toni how many times do I have to tell you that.”

 “Antoinette you are getting married tomorrow its time that you act like a lady.”

 “Mom, Travis loves me just the way I am or he wouldn’t have ask me to marry him” mom shakes her head at me and leaves the room.

On top of everything else, I cannot believe that I’m having this big wedding I could care less. As far as I’m concern we can go down to the justice of the peace and get itched but no, my mother has planned this big country wedding which I have nothing to do with. All I have to do is show up.

I head to my room ready to sleep in my childhood bedroom for the last time before I get married. The crazy thing is that I cried myself to sleep that night and didn’t know why.

 The next morning I got up very early and went for a ride on my horse. The sun was just rising and the air felt so fresh. I love the way the sun was making Honey’s tan coat shine. I sat there on Honey hoping for a sign telling me not to do this. Not to marry a man that I’m not in love with. Travis and I had grown up together and been friends since I can remember, but did I really need to marry him? Sure, we have made out, but that was just something to do when we would go to the movies or school dances. I use to hear our parents talk about us getting married one day, but I thought it was just talk. Then I thought I was safe when he went off to college, but when he came back from school then ask me to marry him in front of his family. All I could say is yes. Now, he has some great job in New York and here I am being whisked off to a new world.

 I take off real fast on Honey to the stables, and then I walked up to the house while mama yells at me. “Where have you been? Don’t you know you have to get your hair done and nails done and.”

I cut her off by saying “Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m here.”

Mama grabs my arm and says “Look young lady, this is your opportunity to have a family. Now get it together and go take a shower you smell like your horse and hurry you’re getting married in just a few hours, we have a lot to do.”

Later on that day, I walked down the aisle with a fake smile on my face and within twenty minutes, I was married. We don’t really have the money for a big honeymoon so we headed to a cottage just outside of town.

 We had never has sex before, well at least I hadn’t but I guess it’s my womanly duty as my mother has told me so many times when telling me about sex which was never appealing to me. I go into the bathroom and change into the nightgown that mom bought for this special night.

 I climb in bed where Travis is already waiting for me we began to kiss and then grind but then he pulls out a condom and that is when I got nervous. My body was not reacting to him at all. He begins trying to enter me and it is very painful. He keeps rubbing the head of his penis up and down the lips of my vagina. He says he’s trying to get me wet, but my body just tenses up as if there are hazard-lights flashing red lights telling me to stop. He cannot hear my internal screams of protest, before I can stop him, a pain so intense tore thru my entire body as the head of his penis plummeted thru my hymen….. I felt broken.

 Tears streamed down my face, the only relief is the fresh air as I remembered to breathe. I know that this is something I would never want to endure again.

He is un-phased by the torture that I was going through; he must have taken my screams of terror for moans of passion as he pumped in and out of me with un-relentless force. It was as if he was trying to pound me into the ground. His dick, firm with excitement demolished my insides. I was dry and unaroused, trying to handle the sand paper like jack hammer that was killing everything that was once tender down there. I knew this torment was coming to an end as his breathing swallowed and quickened all at once. His strokes get deeper, and I experienced a completely new pain I was not ready for. I am certain that he had entered un-willing territory, I felt him deep, in the pit of my stomach, his thrusts shifting around my organs. I began to feel light headed from holding my breath, my world spinning around me, wanting nothing more than to be back at home with my horse... and just when I felt I couldn’t hold on to this unfortunate reality any longer, he came....

 Warmness filled me right before he collapsed on the bed. I winced as I tried to shift away from my tormentor, catching a glimpse of the damage he had done. There was blood, mixed with a little bit of him streaming out of me. I detested the aftermath of all this just as much as the consummation.

 This was just the beginning of hell for my vagina and my patience; I just could not see me doing this for the rest of my life with him. I remember back in high school when some of the girls would talk about sleeping with their boyfriends as if it was this wonderful thing and now I am really confused. Were they just lying to make it sound good, or is it me?

 Over the next few weeks, I avoided sex with Travis as much as I could. First, I pretended to get my period, and then I had a headache, next I faked being sick.

 Then we headed to New York to our small apartment and I was so bored while Travis went to work. Travis was on the slow pace trying to climb his way up the latter of this very large advertising agency. He wasn’t making that much money so we didn’t have much. I called home a lot and told my mother about not liking sex, but why did I do that? All she said was it was my wifely duty and that it was my job to keep my husband happy, but never did she say anything about my happiness as if I did not matter.

 During the day I would clean our place, which didn’t take long since our place is so small, then I would take something out to eat and cook it later. I tried finding a job, but with the recession and all no one was really hiring so I took walks around the neighborhood sometimes. I thought I was going to die of boredom until one day when I was at the bank to get money out to go food shopping and that is when everything changed for me.

 As I stood in that long line, I watched this beautiful woman walk into the bank go over to the bank manager, and in my mind this was all in slow motion. She and the bank manager began to walk across to the other side of the bank and again it was slow motion, I swear my mouth was wide open I didn’t know what was happening when drool came dripping out of my mouth and then she did it! In her mink coat and expensive designer clothes, she smiles and winks at me. This was freaking me out, not because of the smile and wink, it’s because of what happen to me when she did it, I swear my vagina got so wet then begin to throb yet I couldn’t control it. I need to get out of here, but I also need my money so I can go shopping for food and have dinner ready for Travis when he gets home.

 After I get my money I run out of that bank as if I had just robbed it, I run around the corner and into an ally and just freak out. What is going on with me why did that woman turn me on like that? Is there something wrong with me? I could only wonder.

 After I get myself together, I head to the grocery store once I get there I’m day dreaming down each aisle not even picking up anything. That is until I run my basket into the corner of the aisle.

 I looked up to see people looking at me and then someone came over to help me pick up what I had knock over I say thank you and when I look to see who is helping me it’s that woman from the bank and that’s when I get tongue tide and my vagina begins to throb again…

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